SWAN LADY 29",BAFANG M300,M:2023-1

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New. Women's electric mountain bike Leader Fox SWAN 29" with aluminum frame, suspension front fork, disc brakes. SWAN is here for those who want to experience fun and adrenaline while riding in nature.

When the journey is the destination

With the Leader Fox SWAN sports e-bike, you can effortlessly handle mountain terrains, discover new forest trails and enjoy the beauty of diverse cycle paths. LG's new frame battery with a capacity of 15 Ah (540 Wh) and a fast charger with a charging current of up to 3 A (previously 1.8 A) significantly reduce charging time, so you can spend more time on your adventure trips.

The SWAN e-bike is equipped with a D3 front suspension fork, which ensures a comfortable and safe off-road ride. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your mountain hikes without worrying about unexpected bumps and bumps. You will certainly also appreciate the new sporty design, which gives the e-bike a robust and modern look.

Discover the power of the Bafang M300 engine

The Bafang M300 electric motor quickly became one of the most popular mid-drives. It offers a nominal power of 250 W, a maximum power of 350 W and a high torque of up to 80 Nm. The integrated speed sensor collects signals from your movement activities and from the central axis of the engine, thus guaranteeing a smooth ride without unnecessary effort. You can also add a gear sensor to the engine, which allows you to easily and quickly change speeds in all circumstances.

Simple operation thanks to the LG LCD display

The entire system is controlled using an LCD display and a button controller located on the handlebars. With a choice of 3 - 5 assistance modes and automatic mode, nothing will surprise you on the road. You can use the WALK function when guiding the bike up a steep hill. You can monitor your current, maximum and average speed, mileage and battery charge status on the LCD display. In addition, you can choose between day and night display backlight mode.

Drive like a race…

With a fully charged battery, you can travel an average of 70 km on the SWAN electric mountain bike. Maximum range up to 110 km.

The range of each e-bike is affected by:
- driving style – its flow, pedaling intensity
- level of selected assistance when pedaling
- the weight of the cyclist
- the nature of the terrain
- frequency of departures
- weather conditions - headwind reduces range
- air temperature – driving in cold and hot weather reduces battery capacity
- technical condition of the e-bike – tire type depending on the terrain, tire inflation, bearing condition and brake adjustment


A fast charger with a charging current of 3A and a battery are included in the package.

Heed our advice and follow the instructions for use

In case of incorrect shifting (use of "heavy" gears during exits), overheating of the control unit can occur in extreme conditions. Leader Fox e-bikes are not intended for towing trailers. This reduces the range of the e-bike. The SWAN 29" 2023 model complies with the EU 15194/2017 standard.

Leader Fox electric bikes are developed and assembled in the Czech Republic

We at Leader Fox are here to help you live an active life and enjoy your free time the way you want. Precisely for this purpose, we design and manufacture a wide range of bicycles, including electric bicycles.

We maintain a high level of quality, testing and innovating each model for several years to meet all your ideas and requirements. We 100% control the entire production process, which we continue to maintain at our home in České Budějovice. In a modern production hall, we combine decades of knowledge of our engineers and designers with the most modern technologies. This creates timeless, beautiful and above all functional Leader Fox bikes.

Documents in current location:
BATTERYLG 36V/15Ah, 540Wh
MOTORBAFANG M300, 36V/250W, 80Nm
Technical changes reserved.