The lightest and most compact drive system in the industry!

Fazua central engine with integrated battery, 250 W of nominal power and 400 W of maximum power. The Fazua Evation 1.0 system is characterized by the low weight of 4,7 kg (engine, battery and bottom bracket) and with the high degree of compactness. The engine is equipped with the double-sided torsion sensor. The more power the rider develops when pedalling, the more help he gets. To make driving experience as comfortable as possible, the system automatically cuts power transmission from the engine to the pinion at speed of 25km/h, allowing the user to enjoy the bike at high speed. IP66 degree of protection

Bottom Bracket: power transmission to the chain - 60 Nm (1,3 kg)
Motor: nominal power 250W, maximum power 400, support - 25 km/h(1,9 kg)


Battery: 250W/h 36V, maximum range 60km, Weight - 1,4 kg
Display:  FX / Remote B


Display Remote FX
   Display Remote B












Fazua Evation application

COMODULE and Fazua have teamed up and developed an application for all eBikes users with the Fazua Evation drive system. Currently, the majority of sports-oriented cyclist want to track their trip data, which is allowed by the application compatible with all eBikes equipped with the Fazua Evation drive system.

All bikes with 2019 remote control are already copatible with the application. The application is supported for IOS and Android.

The application includes the following features:

- GPS navigation and tracking

- Tachometer

- Technical overview, battery status

- Fazua Evation support

- Interaction, sharing rides with friends