BIKE Festival Garda Trentino

With Leader Fox team at the BIKE Festival Garda Trentino

At the end of April, we took part in a cycling festival on the beautiful Lago di Garda in Italy. The organizers of the festival once again did a great job. We enjoyed a beautiful environment lakes, excellent Italian food and a fantastic BIKE mood, which she was felt at every step. 

We introduced a new models

During the festival we had the opportunity to present the latest models of bicycles and e-bikes and get feedback from festival participants. It was nice to see how the bike was liked. and how do you people I enjoy riding them.

One of the best things about at every festival there were and are encounters with other manufacturers and with each other shared experience. Every the manufacturer has your own approach and philosophy to the design and production of bicycles, so it is always good to see how different approaches show on the final product. 

A year from now

All in all, it was pleasantly spent. time fills cycling, beautiful nature and excellent food. We thank the organizers for their dedicated work, and we are already looking forward to the event. year of this unique BIKE festival!