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Nowadays, when a healthy and active lifestyle plays an important role, you can rely on high-quality bicycles produced for several decades in the Czech Republic. With Leader Fox bikes, you'll experience adventure, family fun and unforgettable moments whenever you go on a journey. Check out some of the new products for 2023 to enjoy your free time to the fullest.

The Good Ride 

A wide variety of bicycles and e-bikes will satisfy different preferences and lifestyles. From passionate adventurers looking to conquer rugged trails to urban cyclists navigating busy streets, the Leader Fox offers a bike for every occasion. With their precise processing and ability to understand the needs of cyclists, our bikes will simply be appreciated by everyone.

Even in 2023, a diverse offer awaits you, which traditionally includes mountain, city, cross and trekking electric bikes, children's bikes, tricycles for adults and many other models. As a complete novelty this year, we present the e-bike Cargo Family ONE, which will not only allow you to take a family trip with the whole family on one bike, but also with a load capacity of up to 120 kg, you will be able to transport any load. Proper Cargo, as it should be.


Best news of the year 2023

ARRAN A true trail hunter needs a bike he can absolutely rely on. A bike that has everything you need, without unnecessary compromises. A bike worth it. ARRAN, a faithful companion that will support you during every ride. With this bike, you can tackle any terrain and conquer any trail challenge. So let it out on the trails and enjoy it to the fullest.

INDUKTORA Comfort is at the forefront of urban e-bikes. With this idea, we also created the INDUKTORA. model. A bike that allows you to move around the city easily and without problems. Thanks to the electric motor and the comfortable seat, you can simply get on and fully enjoy the freedom of movement in the everyday bustle of the big city.

HARPER When you want to enjoy every ride to the fullest, you need a reliable partner by your side. A bike you can fully rely on is key to your cycling performance. That is why we developed the HARPER model, to give you the support you need to achieve your goals. Enjoy new challenges.

EMPORIA There is no need for a demanding machine for trips with family and friends. Why add unnecessary features that only unnecessarily increase the price?We designed the EMPORIA model with an emphasis on ease of use, comfort and durability. Everything you need from your bike to enjoy a great ride.

CARGO FAMILY ONE There are many ways to take kids on a trip. By car, bus, train... We have another option for you - take the children with you on one bike. Breathe in the fresh air and discover places where cars or trains can't reach. Our e-bike CARGO FAMILY ONE has been designed with maximum emphasis on comfort and safety so that you can fully enjoy the ride together.


Whether you are a mountain adventurer or rather looking for a reliable partner for your city bike tours, this year you can look forward to hundreds of kilometers traveled with a clear head. You can always find the complete Leader Fox offer at our e-shop