E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019
E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019

E-bike Leader Fox RUNNER, 2019 V.60cm BLACKMATT/LIGHT GREEN

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New for season 2019. The RUNNER 2019 gravel electric bike with an aluminium frame, sporty design, fixed front fork, disc brakes, and 28” wheels.

The bike newly features an Fazua central engine with integrated battery 7Ah 250Wh, 250W of nominal power and 400 W of maximum power and 60 Nm of torque The Fazua Evation 1.0 systém is characterized by the low weight of 4.7 kg (engine, battery and bottom bracket) and with the high degree of compactness. The engine is equipped with the double-sided torsion sensor. The more power the rider develops when depalling, the mroe help he gets. To make driving dexperience as comfortable as possible, the systém automatically cuts power transmission from the engine to the pinionat speed of 25km/h, allowing the user to enjoy the bike at high speed. IP66 degree of protection.

Range at a fully charged battery:

Maximum of range 60 km.

The clear displays the following features:
- Three assist modes
- Battery charge indicator

The charger and battery are included.

Pedals are not included.

The range of the electric bike depends on multiple factors: the weight of the rider and of the load, the rider’s fitness, the style and nature of the ride, the technical condition of the bike, the temperature, direction, and strength of the wind, the altitude profile of the route, and the characteristics of the terrain (coarse or hilly terrain, frequent starts, etc., that reduce the range).

In case of incorrect gear shifting (use of "heavy" gears when riding uphill), the control unit may overheat under extreme conditions. Leader Fox electric bikes are not designed for towing trailers. This would reduce the range of the bike.

Leader Fox electric bikes are developed and assembled exclusively in the Czech Republic.

WEIGHT16,8 kg
NOTEWeight for frame 56cm
Technical changes reserved.
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